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David's Dog Training Serving Bergen County, NJ

David's Dog Training Serving Bergen County, NJ

David's Dog Training Serving Bergen County, NJDavid's Dog Training Serving Bergen County, NJ

Customer Testimonials / Reviews

David has recently helped us with training our 3 month (old) Chihuahua/Pug. He was great and knowledgeable. He spent time speaking with us on the phone about our training needs and spent the time with us in our home and outside. He gave us great feedback and modeled everything we will need to do to ensure our dogs success.

April 2019

Elyse - Google Review

​​​I called David to help train my "super high energy" German Shorthaired Pointer puppy. She was so excitable and jumped on everyone, only listening to commands when she felt like it. After a few sessions with him, she is a changed dog! David is extremely patient and helped educate us on proper techniques. Call him, and I promise you will be very glad you did!

Sandra - May 2018

Need Help with your Dog, call David

David has a way with Dogs. He immediately saw what we were doing wrong and provided guidance on how to remedy the situation.

Kathy G.

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David is wonderful....he had my Ranger responding to him the moment he walked through the door.

Theresa N. 

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Maribel - June 2017

His knowledge and techniques help you get the results you want in your dog. Paired with his patience (with the owners!) and sense of humor makes the experience both rewarding and fun.

Great Training Experience

Really great to have David work with us. We spent a lot of time talking with him before he visited. Gave us a good perspective on our dog. We've had him for one consultation and have been working hard to keep up with the suggestions he gave us. Would highly recommend.

Clare W. on March 25, 2014
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David is nothing short of spectacular.  It was obvious from the moment he walked in that 1) he knew exactly what he was doing and 2) he CARED a great deal about both the dog and its owners. He is methodical, logical, compassionate and intuitive.

Bob - August 2018

​David is personable and most of all, very knowledgeable. His rates are also quite reasonable. I would definitely recommend  David's Dog Training.
Amy - March 2017

Dog Training - Private Lessons

David has taught both my 4 month old Pomeranian puppy and I how to communicate. Before David started working with us she would not listen to my commands and I was getting very frustrated with her.  Now she behaves so much better and she listens to my commands. I am very happy with the results thus far. 

Nicole A. on October 27, 2014

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Customer Reviews for David's Dog Training

From Google Reviews
David was great in helping us to work through our minor puppy issues. He is very knowledgeable and his fees are reasonable. Highly recommended!

Debra 12/14/17

From Google Reviews
My husband and I rescued two sibling puppies in January. We hadn't had a dog in 4 years, and we have never had two!! I wanted to be sure that we were doing everything we should to raise two well behaved, happy dogs. I had one trainer come before David who I felt took our money and left us with nothing but advise I could easily have googled on the internet. I had read that sibling puppies can be a challenge and need to be socialized with other dogs, and have activities separate from each other. Both neighbors on each side of my home have dogs and I wanted David to assist us introducing them to our dogs and have a smooth transition, as well as some other issues we were experiencing. David was patient, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. He commented on how well behaved the dogs were, and complemented us on how well we were doing thus far. He even went so far as to say he didn't think we needed to have him back. That showed me he wasn't looking to take my money, had a true love for animals and what he does, verses the first trainer who wanted us to sign up for 3 full sessions. I can't recommend David enough for his professionalism and help. Our pups are now 8 months old and doing great. I highly recommend David.

Diane S. March 2017

Dog Training - Private Lessons

My family and I, along with our new canine family member had our first introduction to David last week.  David was not only confronted with our 11 week old bullmastiff puppy, but my girlfriend, my twin 27 year old daughters and my mother. David's patience was tested on every level and he won us all over. He was certainly knowledgeable, but more importantly very kind, patient and sincere.  He fielded all of our questions, allayed our fears and made us and , of course our puppy, much more comfortable with each other.  I found his compassion, kindness and competence to be a winning combination and we have already commissioned ongoing training sessions for our puppy and ourselves. I think you will be pleased with David if you choose to work with him. 

Rodger S. Montclair, NJ